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Thank you for visiting Amor Real Ministries. Here we hope you'll find a home for your heart as you experience the True Love of our Father through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

Amor Real Ministries (ARM) was founded in 2016 by Alex and Holly Compton for the sole purpose of ministry in Peru, where they lived as missionaries from 2007 to 2008. Having ministered there since 2004, Alex and Holly now focus their efforts in three areas detailed below, the first of which is championing the cause of Pat's Place, an already well-established home for abused women and their children who seek refuge and a new beginning for their lives. At Pat's Place they find a safe haven to learn about True Love and to grow in relationship with Jesus as they start fresh. 

According to the calling of 1 Corinthians 13, we are instructed to love extravagantly in every relationship, every situation, every endeavor. We believe that to be the purpose of Amor Real Ministries, to love with patience and serenity and to extend the choicest grace in the places to which we have been called in Lima, Peru.


Pat's Place

Opened in 2006, Pat's Place currently houses seven women and their fourteen children who are seeking a new beginning after leaving behind a life of abuse.


ARM provides a unique opportunity for teams to work together while serving in the communities of Lima, Peru.

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